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$28.95 Hogtied 2

An Intense Exploration of Extreme Bondage! Inescapable Bondage & Brutal Orgasms!

Felony cums so easily and intensely that when she explodes in a cum fury she forgets her name, what's going on, everything. She is hoisted in the air and subjected again and again to incredibly hard orgasms.

Marie McCray says she can't get real rope bondage at home, so she's back to Hogtied for more punishment. She claims she prefers clitoral stimulation over vaginal and anal, but scene by scene we prove her to be a lying whore.

Vendetta is simply one of the toughest models in the industry. Strength, flexibility, and beauty are just a few of Vendetta's natural talents. Once bound, even the strongest become whimpering submissives made to cum, and beg for mercy.